Give Yourself A Lift

Neutral Buoyancy: not something the Swiss Navy aims for, but a concept to take the fight out of speaker setup.

Okay, so you finally figured out that it’s easier and safer to put the stand into the speaker or lighting tree while they’re both lying horizontally on the floor, and then lift them up into position. But it’s still a pain to get the assembly to its full height, especially with one person. It either requires extra-long arms, or the ability to loosen the locking mechanism and bear hug the speaker upward while keeping the stand from tipping over.

But how about this: you turn the locking mechanism and apply a little bit of lift to the speaker or tree and…it begins rising with your hand as if following your mental order to “arise”.

Well, it’s called “neutral buoyancy” and it’s the concept behind a line of stands called Frankenstand. They operate like a car’s power steering; they assist you in raising and lowering your speakers. They don’t automatically lift the speakers, but the neutral buoyancy makes it easier to lift and lower the speaker with little effort. Sort of like the difference between the steering in your new Lincoln and your old Pacer.

“It is quite a pleasure to simply turn a knob, then gently push up and have my speakers rise with barely an effort. I could immediately see how these stands could reduce DJ back and shoulder-related medical insurance claims.”

Dan Walsh