We could not get the new Frankenstand F2 stand to go up. I take it that ring MUST be pulled out once the speaker is on the stand?


Dr. Frankenstand: Yes you are correct, the new pull ring plunger is there to lock the “sliding tube” in place when the stand is not in use. No more cranking down hard on the “sliding tube” knob. Once you put a speaker on it, the speaker weight is essentially neutralized and the ring plunger is easy to unlock.

There does not appear to be the small extension tube like the ones you sent with the first set of Frankenstands I bought?


Dr. Frankenstand: In the past speaker holes came in two sizes: 35mm and 38mm. Speaker stand manufacturers had to fit both sizes. However most modern speaker manufacturer have settled on the 35mm hole as the (implied) industry standard. SO the new Frankenstand’s “sliding tube” is now 35mm. For speakers with 38mm holes I have included a plastic adaptor. If you don’t need it then simply throw it away (recycle it).

I also take it if the stand is not placed with the legs spread at their maximum we cannot attain the full height of 6 feet 8 inches?


Dr. Frankenstand: Again you are correct again! Think about the tri-pod speaker stand design. Putting a 30 to 80 pound speaker, nearly seven feet into the air, you want the widest base (leg spread) possible for safety reasons. The new Frankenstand’s leg spread at 4’1″ is nearly a foot wider than the closest competitor (3’3″). PS the actual max height of the Frankenstand is 6′ 7.5″.

The new Frankenstand is not made of all steel as before - what's up?


Dr. Frankenstand: The new Frankenstands are more of a Hybrid – the backbone of the stands (center tube) remains steel. But the legs, leg braces and “sliding tube” is now thick walled aluminum. I changed this to help cut down on the weight. The addition of the gas shock ads weight to the stand, But what would you rather lift: the speaker stand at about 13 pounds or a speaker weighing a whole lot more?

What happens if I unlock the Frankenstand without a speaker on it . . . will it spring up?


It will go up slowly, not spring up. Don’t worry everyone does this when they first try out their new Frankenstand. The trick is to turn the stand upside down and push down on legs until the stand is condensed. Then simple turn the knob to lock it. Then actually try your speaker on it and you’ll see why the Frankenstand will make your DJ gigs so EZ.

Is it better to get the stronger speaker stand even if my speakers don't fit the weight category?


No, not necessarily. Ideally you want your speaker to “float” half way up. Another words, go up just as EZ as it goes down. If the stand is too strong your speaker will go all the way up but will be harder to pull down. The F1 was originally invented to work with the Mackie 450 and JBL EON. (The F2 fits most speakers in the 55 to 80 pound range)

Whats with the big plastic brake shoes locking devise?


After years of testing, Frankenstand’s engineers increased the “brake shoe” surface to nearly 3/4 of an inch (think race car disc brakes) to hold better and to lock and unlock EZ.

Does Frankenstand make a non-powered speaker stand?


Yes, but to date we have never sold one. Once you try a Frankenstand you never go back. It’s so EZ to set up with your speaker on it and to make quick stand adjustments when you are DJing. YOUR BACK WILL THANK YOU!

Do you have speaker bags?


F7 Frankenstand Premium speaker stand bag – two padded chambers, shoulder strap, three handles (one on each end) two zippers and longer then normal bags.

F8 Frankenstand Good “tube- type speaker stand bag – fits two stands – entry through one end, one handle.

What about the other Hydraulic Air stand on the market? Who was first?


DJ Mike Ryan (Dr. Frankenstand) invented the Powered speaker stand in 2003. Frankenstand originally had a working relationship with that other company. When that company was sold in 2007, the new owner tried to buy the Frankenstand and when he couldn’t he just copied it! Frankenstand is now its own manufacturer and has a patent pending.

The Frankenstand is made out of steel, how come?


Steel is stronger then aluminum (think race car roll cages) and the Frankenstand actually weighs less than the aluminum copy.