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Whether it’s your speakers or your lights, or both, you will be glad to have the Frankenstand Speaker Stand!

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Give Yourself A Lift

Neutral Buoyancy: not something the Swiss Navy aims for, but a concept to take the fight out of speaker setup.

Okay, so you finally figured out that it’s easier and safer to put the stand into the speaker or lighting tree while they’re both lying horizontally on the floor, and then lift them up into position. But it’s still a pain to get the assembly to its full height, especially with one person. It either requires extra-long arms, or the ability to loosen the locking mechanism and bear hug the speaker upward while keeping the stand from tipping over.


Backed by a Lifetime Warranty against manufactures defects on your Frankenstand Powered Speaker Stand with a 10 Year or 20 thousand cycles on the gas strut.

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